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On the road again

Carolyn at cruising speed with Sparky keenly observing roadside sights. We usually share around two hours of driving each. Four hours of highway cruising gets us about 200 miles or 330 kilometers range in an easy day of traveling.

We could choose to travel less distances, but we are comfortable with this range. The distance is usually suited to the next most desired destination and we usually arrive at the next campsite refreshed and ready to work in our careers, go site seeing or just recount the day and relax. There’s often a feeling of achievement. Conquering a challenge, but that just might be a personal emotion.

Sometimes the 200 or so miles (330km) will place us in a different weather pattern – which can be great if we want a weather change. There was a time when we left in fine weather in Port Byron, Illinois, drove through rain storms in Iowa, then arrived at the other side of the storm front in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in fine weather again, and all in one day!

There are times when we might travel longer, say six hours, but we keep the longer trips to a minimum. Over time, we hope to reduce the 200 mile hops and take more time in each area, but this is how it is averaging now.


Fuel facts: Our towing vehicle is a 2000 Chevrolet diesel. 6.5 liters of turbo charged V8 power. It will cruise comfortably at 70mph (110kph) depending on the road conditions and may drop to 40mph (65kph) on some hills. Fuel consumption averages between 10mpg and 12mpg (19 to 23 liters per 100km) while towing our fifthwheel camper.

In several trips we have climbed 6% grade inclines through 9,500ft or 3,000m mountain passes which may drop our speed down to 25mph (40kph) in first gear at over 2,500 rpm, extremely light on the throttle pedal (approx 1/8th to 1/4 pedal travel). In these conditions fuel consumption changes very little and even improves slightly. That’s diesel powered economy for you.

If we travel 200 miles (330km) at an approximate average diesel fuel cost of $2.75 per US gallon or $1.04 AUD per liter (sometimes as low as 90c AUD per liter!), our trip’s fuel cost would be about $55 USD or $78 AUD. If we were to relate this to Australian prices, considering if the exact same vehicle were in Australia, it would amount to $77 USD or $110 AUD based on Australian diesel price of $1.45 per liter. The $22 USD or $33 AUD saving is enough to buy some groceries!

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