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Stunning Camp Site

The amenities hut roof and walls are made with four inch thick concrete. Located in such isolation, it is probably useful as a safety house in extreme weather or fire.

We found this great camping spot near Teton National Park, also about an hour from Grant Village in Yellowstone National Park. We didn’t stay here because we were just on a day trip to the area, but want to mark it for future reference.

I liked this campsite because it had a clean amenities block consisting of a composting toilet, a fireplace, picnic table, and the mandatory food locker to prevent bears and other critters. The area is level and private. The toilet block is solid concrete and would be a safety house in extreme weather or in severe fires.

The other campsites throughout the region were shared with three or four other sites. This one is restricted to one camper only.

The road only had slight touring traffic of about 10 vehicles an hour or less. Night times and Mondays to Fridays would be much quieter, if any traffic at all.

The campsite is within Targhee National Forest and is isolated with just one dirt road. Access would be restricted for 30 feet and larger RV’s but we did see some diesel pushers in other campsites, so it might be possible with care. Tree clearance, tight turns, and oncoming vehicles are the risks. The road is one lane, rough dirt with corrugations so it is slow, sometimes 15mph or even slower. The road is closed in winter.

According to Google maps, it looks like you could access this road from Highway 47 in Ashton, Idaho. But we didn’t try this western approach to the park and the road might be too rough.

Location: 44.100401, -110.760199 – on Grassy Lake Road, via Flagg Ranch Village in Moran, Wyoming. The best access is from Interstate 191.

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