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Feb 5, 2023
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Traveling with Your Dog – Helpful RV Accessories You’ll Thank us for!

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Want to make more friends? Get a dog! Throughout our years of travelling with our Westie, Sparky, we found travelling with a dog can really be a lot of fun and also enhance your experience as dogs act as social ‘ice breakers’ and help you strike up friendly conversations with others. When we first arrive at a new camping spot, Sparky is always interested in checking out the new area and usually needs a walk after the drive. During our walk, Sparky and I usually meet quite a few people along the way. And each time, I had the feeling that I had spoken with a friend and was part of a welcoming and supportive community—all because of informal encounters with people I met while walking my dog. As it turns out, recent scientific studies suggests that this is quite common, as dogs often play a role in building social relationships.

When you travel in your RV with your dog, you need to take special care of your four legged traveling companion. Here’s some really great camping and RV accessories that made our lives easier and more fun:

Bike Dog Carrier

🐶We loved being able to take Sparky with us while we explored the campground. Biking with your dog is undoubtedly fun, but it can be tricky if your pooch can’t keep up. Let’s face it: Not all dogs are equipped to run alongside you for miles and miles.

🐶We found this basket had a stable design and could carry the weight without swaying, more than any other front bicycle dog carrier on the market today. The patented handlebar mount is the key to this stability. 

🐕I also found it easier to keep an eye on Sparky on the front rather than on the back of the bike

🐶QUICK INSTALLATION: Mount installs securely with a screwdriver 

🐶Cooling Air Flow – through a front mesh air vent | Padded Top Edging | SAFETY: 2-point, chrome clasp, safety leash attaches to your dogs harness (harness not included) 

🐶We did find that it is not compatible with some E-bikes – the handlebar mount clamps have a 2.0 inch space between them which is not enough to clear the electronics on some E-bikes. MEASURE BEFORE BUYING.

🐕Click on the link and you will find many other varieties to suit your dog size and bike style.

🐾We also found this dog carrier to be great for the back of the bike and can also hold more weight than the previous one. RuffLyfe DIY Crate Conversion/Bike Dog Carrier Package (Crate NOT Included) Padded Liner is 2 Sizes in One + 4 Point Safety Harness & Crate Fasteners Holds Pets 20lb+ for Safe Pet Bicycle Travel.

🐶One benefit is that you can use the crate for other items while travelling, so it does not take up any additional space.

Folding Pet Enclosure

🐶 We loved this dog playpen as it is designed to bring a win-win solution for us and Sparky. The FXW dog pen provides a spacious activity area which allows a fun and safe area while you take a break and be truly relaxed.

🐕The stakes are designed with rounded ball tops to protect the dog’s claws from injury. The rods are easily inserted into the ground for greater stability and rigidity, which won’t collapse when the dog leans against them. Also, the automatic gravity-actioned locking mechanism will ensure you can open and close the door smoothly and reduces the chance of dogs unlocking by themselves. All of this is designed for absolute safety, so you can really relax. 

🐾It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to assemble these portable dog fences as well as pack them away due to the rod-connected design. Meanwhile, panels can be added or removed freely to give you a fully flexible area and arrange the dog pen in any shape you need. You can add more panels if you would like a larger enclosure, or reduce them for a smaller sized dog.

🐶We loved that it folds flat and stores away easily, not taking up much room. Keeps our pup safe and happy!

Dog Life Jacket

🐶A life jacket is a must if you plan to be around water even if you dog can swim. Sparky doesn’t like the water very much, but does enjoy the water once he is out having fun with us.

🐶The dog life vest has reflective strips, and the life vest for dogs has 2 handles for large sizes(only for size L, XL, 2XL) are much easier for you to grab dogs from water. 

🐾The dog floatation vest is designed with adjustable belts, quick-release buckles and underbelly with straps, which is easy to put on and take off, and create a most comfortable state for your dogs.

🐶The D-ring hook of the pet life jacket is perfect for dog leash

🐕Sizes Fits Most Dogs: The dog life jackets are available for 6 sizes, from XS to 2XL, meet most sized dogs. Be sure to measure your dog twice to get one size and refer to the dimension chart to choose the right size for your dog. Tips: If your dog is between two sizes, we suggest the larger one. 

🐶Waterproof Breathable Material: The dog life vest is made of premium polyester oxford & nylon and mesh fabric, offers great buoyancy as they move freely in the water. 

Boots for Hot Pavement or Snow

🐶A pair of dog boots are a must to protect your pup’s paws against the hot pavement, ice, and other elements that could hurt their pads. These paw covers will also help prevent your pooch from getting stickers, keeping paws cleaner when in mud or dry when raining and helps prevent harm from poison oak and sumac.

🐕We did provide a lot of entertainment for fellow campers when they saw Sparky in his boots. Not to mention entertainment for us when Sparky was learning how to walk in his new boots (which did not take long)

🐾We found a tip for keeping them on his paws was to put on some baby socks before putting on the boots. This also helps keep your pup’s feet warm in the snow.

🐶Our top picks are durable, easy to put on and take off, and include valuable features like breathability and weather resistance to ensure that your dog is well-protected no matter the weather.

Portable Dog Travel Water Bottle 

🐕 We loved this convenient water bottle which was very convenient when you are hiking or waling your pup through the camping spot.

🐶 U-shaped water trough arc design, fit the pet’s mouth structure, and is very easy to give your dog a quick drink whenever needed.

🐾Made of the high quality food-grade PC and ABS material also has a built-in PP cotton filter element. this dog water dispenser bottle is easy to clean

🐕It also has a pop bag dispenser keeping everything together you will need on your walk. The poop bags are made big enough for even the largest of dogs, and thick enough to ensure there are no messes. 

🐶Includes 1 x dog water bottles for walking, 3 x PP Cotton Filters ,1 x Poop Bag Dispenser , 3 Rolls Pet Waste Bags ( Each roll of 15 bags) 

Travelling with Dogs – Books

🐾There are so many great books on the market which have many more tips and ideas for travelling with your dog. We loved this one as a more casual read that takes you through the travels of Rocket, a friendly Golden Retriever. Through his keenly observant eyes, Rocket shares his daily observations and adventures, by sending postcards along the way to his fur buddies. Funny, and filled with love, this is a good read for anyone who loves pets or has traveled with them by car or RV. Or perhaps are considering doing so!

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